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The New Battle Game

Jin Conception is an interesting indie pixel art RPG on the Nintendo Switch with an ambitious story pitch of a social deduction fantasy thriller turn based RPG. The art style reminds me of Chrono Trigger. The game has romance, and this picture was tweeted by the developer on social media. They are three couples in Jin Conception: Levi and Jen are one couple. Max and Daisy are a second couple, and Gavin and Fox are a third couple. They are actually a few more relationships but they are not as obvious. I don’t want to give too many details because it may spoil some of the story. 

The relationship between Levi and Jen is less obvious in the story since Jen tries to hide it as much as possible (honey scene in Jen’s bedroom). The official Japanese term for this is Tsundere which means Jen is openly hostile toward Levi but then later warms up to him and becomes friendly. The relationship with Gavin, a cyborg and Fox, a vampire appeals to an older audience where Gavin is very direct with Fox. Max and Daisy’s relationship appeals to an audience age somewhere in between and the way the romance occurs between Max and Daisy is unexpected and a surprise. 

Overall, I was happy with the game and story but felt the relationships could use a little more nurturing. I am excited to see what else Jin Wave Studio LLC will bring to the table in the future.


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